Applying Your Transfers With 4 Easy Steps

This is all you need.

  • Any Garment

  • Your Transfer

  • Heat Press

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1. Position

Take your time and line up your artwork in the desired print area.

2. Press

Cover transfer with included parchment paper. Press your transfer with medium to heavy pressure at 300*F / 145 - 150*C (this is what we find has yielded the best results) for 12 - 15 seconds.

3. Hot, Warm or Cool Peel

After initial press, let your transfer rest until warm to the touch (about 10 - 15 seconds). Once cool, lift the transfer from one corner and gently peel back.

4. Final Press (Recommended)

Replace the parchment paper or a single layer of teflon on to the design and press again for 12 - 15 seconds to soften the design, increase durability and remove shine.